Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 278

Day 4
It was a beautiful day! the last two photos were right before we had family pictures made on the beach.

Day 277

Day 3-Oct 4, 2010: In no particular order

Day 276-Vacation Day 2

Bodie Island Lighthouse, under renovation

Day 1 was spent flying to Raleigh, NC and then driving to Kitty Hawk, NC. We spent our first family vacation in the Outer Banks.
These pictures are from Day 2. We went to the Aqauarium, Bodie Island Lighthouse, and the beach of course. She had her first taste of some custard from Rita's. All in all it was an ok day.

Day 271-275

Sept 28-Oct 2, 2010

Oct 2 started the first day of our vacation, so I'm going to do separate posts for that week since there are several pics for each day. Then back to full week posts.

Day 266-270

Sept 23-27, 2010

Days 261-265

Sept 18-22, 2010

These aren't incredibly flattering. This began our almost 2 months of ear infections. First it was upper respiratory, eye and ear infection...which is why her eye looks yucky in some of these. Then she had poor balance due to the ears and fell outside and scraped her head, so thats why she looks so pitiful in these pics. :(

Days 256-260

September 13-17, 2010